Shore (Caption): Then it hit. A toy boat drowned in a huge wave. Metal crumpled. Girders twisted. Now I know what a gnat feels like--swatted by an enormous hand.Shore (Caption): Mercifully, I'm unconscious immediately.  ---But I pieced together what happened next---how part of the robot was still aware---intent on rescuing me.... reshaped as a diving helmet.

Shore (Caption): ---Two days later---I washed ashore.  I would've surely drowned without that robot providing me recycled air--it may have guided me to shore and kept off predators, too.Shore (Caption): Later the helmet-robot scuttled a dying used all its power--keeping me alive. Loxie: Who's this, then, Zoot? Zoot: Dunno, Loxie. Shipwreck victim, maybe?




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