Loxie: Mornin'! How came you to this beach, then?  Shore: uh?? I-I'm not sure. You're---why's everyone naked? Zoot: Not unusual for a nude beach, friend.  Shore: You're--Australian?  Loxie: Touring USA naturist sites. Loxie: Here, let us help you up--I'm Loxie.  Zoot: Zoot here. Shore: Ulysses. So...how long you been in the USA?  Zoot: Our group, the Koala Bares, have been here three months.

Loxie: California, Florida, and now Georgia---Mungo chose our itinerary. Shore: You got a cellphone? Loxie: Sure. Here. Shore: Good. I have to report in...check on my family.Loxie: Meanwhile, I'm going swimming... Zoot: Wait for me! Shore: Minton? Shore here...yeah, I know...Penny's at the Beachhouse? Great. Did a huge wave hit the East Coast two days ago? No??? Weird...

Click here for the NSFW version, where the nudity isn't pixilated out. Loxie and Zootcopyright of Stephen Crowley, and used with his permission. Check it out, and check out Magellan too.




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