Caption: Two days ago... Current: Hoooo boy. What a night! What a hangover. Cripes. Did I leave the wind turbines on reverse all night? I must've---but I don't remember it...Current: I've shut them down now...but they would have flattened waves up and down the east coast. Surfers'd hate me, if they knew. Still...what windmakers they are!

Caption: Today: Shore: Nice of Loxie and Zoot to give me directions...hey, kid!  Kid: Yeah? Shore: Sheriff's office? Kid: Other side of these your fashion sense, by the way...Shore: Comedian. Everybod's a comedian...thanks a lot, kid. If I never see you again---it'll be too soon.  Mindmistress (changed from Kid): Oh, you'll see e again---I guarentee it.




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