Sheriff: Your boss vcated an interesting array of charges against you, Mr. Shore...speedboat theft...assaulting a ship captain... Shore: I appreciate it, Sheriff-- Sheriff: Change of clothesand ride are waiting...Driver: You be okay? Shore: Sure. I'm on home ground... Shore (Caption): ...And most 'accidents' happen close to home, right? Minton can wait. My family must be under observation by Steed's agents. Skateboarder: Hah!!

Shore: Hey, kid... Skateboarder: Yeah? Shore: Do you know the Shore families? Skateboarder: Which one? The old couple, or the younger one with the kid my age?  Shore: Seen anything...odd...around here lately?Mindmistress: Other than you didn't see through the skateboarder illusion?  Shore: Mindmistress!! 'Bout time, lady.  Mindmistress: We've got some planning to protect your family...and the entire East Coast.




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