Shore: I appreciate all your robots did, but couldn't you have acted directly---sooner? Mindmistress: No. Your wife's surrounded by a 'volleyball team'---guards watching for your return.Shore: Volleyball team? Good cover. Mindmistress: But sometimes they practice with small, easily concealable dart-guns---darts filled with---what? Shore: Sea-Change's serum---the one that makes humans---subhuman. Mindmistress: Okay. Explain--

Shore: Tell me---Tidal Wave nearly drowned me on the sea---how closely is he following me on land? Mindmistress: Vicki! Vicki: Yes, Boss? Mindmistress: Show us pictures of that sheriff's office.Shore: What-- that can't be--- Mindmistress: But it is. The sheriff's office you left a half hour ago...was demolished by a localized earth tremor.  Tidal Wave's close.  Real close.




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