Shore: So what's the plan? Mindmistress: First off, you need to stay hidden, while you check them out. Here---wear this watch. Shore: A watch.  Mindmistress: Trust me, okay? Illusion-casting, like my breastplate.There. Now you're a beach bum---rotten teeth, Wild Turkey on your breath--- Shore: Gee, thanks.  Mindmistress: Shut up.  At least now the sight of you won't drown the Eastern seaboard.  Next--T.M.

T.M.: You? Mm, it freaks me out how you can appear out of...nowhere. Mindmistress: Want to see your father, T.M.? T.M.: You serious? Mindmistress: Honest. He's close---hidden---and needs help.Watcher: Well, that's interesting...the son's sneaking out. Just when Shore's eluded us...follow him.  See if he meets with his father...then...capture him.  He'llbe an invaluable hostage...




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