Watcher1: There's Shore's kid...for now, we just follow him... Watcher2: It's getting dark---easier to shadow someone. Watcher1: LEt's see if he leads us to his father.Watcher1: Hope he's not just meeting his girl... Watcher2: Speaking of girls--can you believe how worried Tidal Wave seems to be of that Mindmistress chick? Just a girl--an egghead, to boot.

Watcher1: Yeah, she'd be a pushover-- awp!!! Watcher2: The day I can't handle a woman--umfff!!! Mindmistress: Come here, you knowWatcher1: Augh!! Watcher2: Uh!! T.M.: Boy, someone's getting the snot beaten out of them...ouch! I felt that from here! Glad I'm not them...




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