T.M.: Uh...seen a guy a decade or two younger, dark-beard...? ---Or did I get my directions wrong? Shore: No, your directions aren't wrong. Let me get him for you.Shore: ...By taking off this 'watch'... T.M.: Whoa!!! You can do the illusion-thingee, too, huh? Shore: Thanks to her, anyway... sorry I've been gone so long...c'mere, you.

Shore: It seems like forever since I've seen you...how's your mother? T.M.: Worried.  Lonely.  Losing herself in painting to escape.  Dad...how can we end this?  You'll have to tell...T.M. (Caption): --And then what? Watcher: The two I sent to shadow the son have disappeared.  Tidal Wave: Our whole society hinges on what one man can reveal--we've never been more vulnerable.




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