Tidal Wave: Aaahhh....I have many homes...but only in this and the Protector's Palace undersea do I feel...secure.  State-of-the-art security and alarms.  Here I can...relax.Tidal Wave: Jacques. Jacques: Protector!  Tidal Wave: Jacques, you didn't Haiti to guard my house...join the rest of the 'volleyball team' watching the Shores. Jacques: I uncrated a dellivery earlier. A monkey sculpture.

A metal monkey? Another idiot gift...none of my alarms are triggered...here I can sleep...securely. It's been a looong trip...I'll nap and then handle Shore...Cleo: Gotcha! Larry: Uh...should I ask why your bracelet is flashing? Cleo: Let's just say a thief's daughter---if she's smart enough---can rewire and redesign any alarm system---undetected.  Larry: ..... nevermind.




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