Magilla: Ah! The altered alarms have gone off---now to follow Mrs. Shore's instructions--I wonder if when my mistress offered Mrs. Shore the loan of myself---if she envisioned this.Tidal Wave: Snurglaguffguffrawwwnnn.... Magilla: I wonder what that sounds like...underwater? Given how water magnifies sound, I shudder to think...ah. Objective achieved.  Is he in for a rude awakening...

Cleo: Eyaaaahhhh!!! Larry: Cleo??? What's wrong? Cleo: a migraine...cubed. Larry. Call the doctor. Get me to Larry...I love you.  Larry: I love you too, babe.Magilla: Hmmm. Mrs. Shore isn't unit Magilla will proceed as programmed with the fallback plan.--- Hiding the scepter where Tidal Wave---Dylan Steed---will never find it.

"Magilla", the monkey-sculpture/robot, was first introduced in the "Miraculous" storyline....clicking on the first panel will take you to his first appearance.




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