Hardy: Lorelei---got a minute? Lorelei: Sure, Mr. Hardy---just cleaning the cages-- Hardy: My mother in California--died. Lorelei: Oh. Oh. Sorry... Hardy: Don't be. Heart attack got her before the liver cancer.Hardy: I'm going to California for a month--settling Mom's affairs. You couldn't--run the cash register, could you? Lorelei: Me? All those keys and numbers---it's so confusin'-- Hardy: Right. Nevermind.

Hardy: Fortunately---business is good. We can close for a month while I settle Mom's estate. Lorelei: Close?? But---the animals-- Hardy: You'll still come feed, delouse, and groom the pets, of course.Mindmistress: Good timing. But in case something happens, and I have to be away overnight---a seeming 'ornament'--which can care for the pets. Magilla Mechmonkey: Mistress? Orders, please... Mindmistress: Sure thing...'Magilla'.


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