Mindmistress: So...that's how he got the 'Miraculous' nickname? Tess: Yes...his survival...his determination... Mindmistress: ---Near-miraculous--- Tess: --That drove him through graduate school, becoming a petroleum engineer---and eventually founding Miraculous Consulting---Mindmistress: Thanks for the interview. Tess: Happy to. *Yawn* I just wish it wasn't at seven in the morning. Mindmistress: Sorry... Caption: But she---as Lorelei --has a job downtown at eight-thirty.

Henchman: Sir--sources in U.S. Intelligence, at Lyons Power, Steed Aquaculture, and March Munitions---call this woman 'Mindmistress'. The 'Forethought' dossier speculates her intelligence is...superhuman. ---Her technology, unmatched. Smith: Really.Smith: That 'Vicki' A.I. confirms that---but she doesn't have access to my miraculous materials and metals. She's not linked to her technology like I am. Together? We'd be...unstoppable.


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