Lorelei: Uh...you followin' what I'm doin', Magilla? Magilla: Indeed, Mistress Lorelei.  Lorelei: Boy, don't talk like that 'fore Mister Hardy... Magilla: Fear not. I'm silent--a statue or ornament---to anyone else.Mindmistress: There, there, pretty one---I used my 'lifeloom' to make...custom lifeforms---but nature fashions lifeforms via---mothers. So I created a --'metamother'--no males needed---and customizable 'offspring'.

Mindmistress: Miraculous Consulting's industrial park...very few have--ever left the company--all keep the sunglasses--keep up relations with the company---why? Let me see who I can ask---aha!Employee: Welcome, fellow refugee from the Nicotine Inquisitors! Never seen you here before... Mindmistress: First day. But I know how today's corporations work...insurance rates discouraging cigarette smoking--driving them outside.


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