Mindmistress: Actually, I'm not a smoker--I just get sick of wearing these sunglasses inside. Don't you ever get tired of it? Smoker: Tired? Of the glasses? Mindmistress: Uh oh. Don't criticize, huh?Okay, lady--who are you? You're not really with Miraculous Consulting--- Mindmistress: Ungh!! Employee: FBI? CIA? Industrial spy? Talk! I don't want to hurt you---but no one spies on us!

Mindmistress: Trust me...you won't hurt me. Employee: Whulp!! My glasses.. Mindmistress: I'll get them---I've been waiting to examine them---Employee: Where are you? Mindmistress: You're blind? That explains everything. Of course you're loyal. These glasses interface with your nerves---and see for you. Smith turns the blind--into sighted, loyal employees.


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