Employee: Intru--unghh!! Mindmistress: I hate to slug a blind man, but you can't alert everybody--- Miraculous: One punch---and he's out. While prudently putting the custom eyewear in a bag--Miraculous: Now she jumps up---three stories---to force open a window. She's magnificent.  Incredibly brillant, resourceful, and possessing a technology that rivals mine---together--we'd remake the world.

Mindmistress: Now, let's see if I can find a computer terminal logged into their network--let's see how easily I---blend--in-- Security detail: Young lady---I'm afraid visitors aren't allowed on this floor--Security detail1: --You can dispense with the illusions and mental tricks-- Security detail2: --Our employer can manipulate our eyewear from afar-- Security detail3: Now they're set to 'filter'out such effects. Security detail4: We'll escort you out-- Mindmistress: Oboy.


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