Security guard: Now hold still--hey!!?? Security guard 2: Where'd she--? Mindmistress: Down here. I can move pretty fast---when I want to. --Aided by my armor. Don't go away---I have some questions for you.Security guard: Get her!! Guard 2: Hold still, you-- Guard 3: Eyahh!! Mindmistress: If I were you, I'd put up that gun---you can't hit me---you'll only succeed in shooting each other!

Guard1: Unghh!! Guard2: So fast...unfffh!! Too bad I can't use my 'mental tricks'...they're usually a lot less..painful.Mindmistress: Well...I tell you I need some questions answered, and what do you do? Fall asleep on me...I'll just have to find my answers at this computer terminal...


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