Mindmistress: Aaaaah...the testing center...and the home of 'Miraculous' Smith...is in Florida, adjacent to the Florida Everglades. Although it doesn't tell the source of those mysterious elements...Guard1: The break-in's on the third floor... Guard2: Her armor--a special field--renders normal guns...useless... Guard3: Smith says these special--steropium--?--cartridges make these into super-tasers--lightning bolts indoors.

Guard1: Wow....what happened? People knocked out, scattered around the room like a bad kung fu movie... Guard2: Whoever she is...she's proved she's dangerous... Guard3: I'm not taking any chances-- BAM! CRACKLE!Guard3: Ker-ripes... the steropium's working--attracting excess electrons--making an indoor min-thunderstorm-- her armor, her field--she'd be defenseless--but--our target's flown--escaped out of a third floor window!


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