Lorelei: You up to it? The pets love you... Magilla: Indeed. Animals rely mainly on scent. Your other self suggested I wear your panties one night. Lorelei: She...did...? I'll kill her!!Mindmistress: Step up, pretty one--I have a feeling you'll come in handy--oh, you'll like it--it's my hypersonic jet, the Swift Thought. The 'catwalk' is riskier--with passengers.

Mindmistress: There it is...Smith's stronghold...on a thousand acres of swampland. He likes his privacy...but I'm very, very, very nosy...especially about those who accomplish the impossible.Mindmistress: Graze well, my lovely one...while I send the Swift Thought back on autopilot...while I check out the mysterious---and miraculous--Mr. Smith.


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