Mindmistress: Hmmmm. No guards. No obvious surveillance camera. No fence of security perimeter. I'm supposed to swallow someone as paranoid as smith--is content with isolation as his protection. Riiiight. T-R-A-P.Mindmistress: But sometimes you have to risk traps--to make new discoveries. Miraculous: True. Knowledge is risky.  The bright are drawn to the unknown--like moths to a flame. ---Including you.

Miraculous (Caption): And we're alike in that...she's magnificent! Could she really be ultra-intelligent? I know what the government files say, of course...I never could resist solving a...mystery.Miraculous (Caption): Let's see how she does with my Symphalium walkway... Mindmistress: Uh-oh...why are my footsteps getting louder...? And it's marshy ground to either side...


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