Larry: Lorelei! Help... Lorelei: Hey, Mr. Shore---just taking the dogs on a morning run...tie them to the fence--- Larry: Cleo's having some kind of attack! I need help!  Lorelei: O-okay.Lorelei: Poor Mrs. Shore.... Larry: Her hands twitching...her speech going in and out...something's bad wrong.  Lorelei: Yeah. Wrong. Mrs. Shore: Lorelei---it's all right. We knew this time would come---my choice. Mine.

Cleo: It was a gift--your gift--I don't regret--- Lorelei: I don't know. You're in pain now--- Cleo: I was dying, anyway.  Lorelei: We're all dyin'--maybe if'n I'd left you alone.Cleo: But we're not alone, Lorelei. We are our interactions--our choices.  We don't really exist---like schrodinger's cat--unless we--interact.  Lorelei: What? Whose cat? Cleo: Sophia'll know. Thanks, Lorelei.




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