Larry: I wish I had heard what she said to you, Lorelei---one side of her face now seems slack--and her speech's slurred-- Medical attendant: Classic glioma. Need help here!Lorelei: I--I can't look. Larry: They're trying a lot of tests---but she doesn't seem to be responding.  Doctor: Get her to the M.R.I., stet! I want a brainscan---

Dr. Hammond: Larry---come in here. Larry: What's wrong with Cleo?  Dr. Hammond: Twelve brain tumors--eight glioblastima multiformes, four medullablastomas---since her last exam.  One or two we might operate---but not twelve..Larry: There's nothing they can do.  It won't be long.  Lorelei: I'm so sorry, Mr. Shore-- Larry: You didn't cause the cancer, Lorelei. ---And the old Cleo returned for two weeks---mercifully.




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