Dr. Hammond: I'm sorry, Larry--she's gone. Larry: It seems so...unreal...gone...like that. We knew shehad other cancers---that her time was limited---but...so fast... Lorelei: Call you family.Shore: I appreciate you showing an old homeless soul around. Volleyballer: Friend of yours, T.M.  T.M.: Yeah, interesting guy. I---'scuze me. Phone. Volleyballer: So what's our sob story, old man? Shore: Simple. Drinkin'.

T.M.: What? Grandma?  So...fast? Yeah. I'm comin', Grandpa. Shore: Family emergency? T.M.: Yeah. My paternal grandmother just...died.  My Grandpa doesn't feel up to driving... Shore: Go. Go with your....family.T.M.: But--- Shore: G'wan. I'll be fine.  Volleyballer1: Yeah. We'll watch 'em.  Show 'em around.  Volleyballer2:   Too bad you said your father's not around, T.M....to attend his mother's funeral.  Shore: Yeah. Too bad.




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