Volleyballer: Shame about the kid's grandma. Ulysses: Well...life sucks, sometimes. Ulysses (Caption): I'll spare you the lies. The elaborate life story I concoted--for the old drifter I appeared to be.Ulysses (Caption): Underneath...I'm still Ulysses Shore. My mother...dead.  I have to pretend not to care... to protect the family I have left. Ulysses: Volleyball, huh? Volleyballer: That's right, Geezer.

Ulysses: I dunno---sounds a little girly to me-- Voleyballer: Girly??? You old lush, I--Lorelei? Something wrong? Lorelei: *Sniff* T.M.'s Grandma-- Volleyballer: Yeah. We heard. Lorlei: I was there. Volleyballer: Bad? Lorelei: Bad. I-I couldn't...Lorelei: --ever--die like that. Volleyballer: SMall chance of that, Lorlei, anytime soon.  Shore (Caption): What's going on?  I remember her---the retarded girl on St. Cassandra---why's she taking this so....personally?




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