Anthony:  Anthony reporting in---Shore's mother is deceased.  The family will be gatering---still no sign of Shore himself.  Unfathomable: Nobody suspicious in the area?  Anthony: The son introduced a drifter---Anthony; --But the drifter's half a foot shorter than Ulysses Shore. No make up could disguise that.  Unfathomable: ---Still, between visitations and the funeral, the family could slip through our fingers--

Unfathomable:  ---Anthony---son---we'll have to move from surveillance---to phase two.  Taking one of more family members as hostages.  Excuse me---the Protector's calling.  Anthony: Later, Father.Tidal Wave: Unfathomable!! The scepter's gone!! Somehow they bypassed your alarms! We're defenseless!! Unfathomable: Calm yourself, Protector. It's not whether we still have the scepter---it's whether they think we have it.




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