Penny: So sad...I guess Cleo's 'recovery' was just the first stage of her brain tumors... T.M.L: maybe so...get in, Mom. Grandpa'll need help with the funeral arrangements--Penny: If only your father was back---to say his last goodbyes---she'd forget Larry...but not him.  Where is he? T.M. Maybe he's closer than you think.

UMan with binoculars: They're off to thefneral home. Ready the rifles. Charge them with Sea-Change's gas grenades.  Those not only suppress the brain's higher functions--they weaken the motor functions.Man with Binoculars: They'll be as mindless as beasts---but babylike in movements...easily taken. Ready...ready...if Shore comes back--we'll have his family as hostages to ensure his...cooperation.




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