Mindmistress: Is this the 'brave new world' I helped you build? A world of secret gulags of humans-turned-beasts?  Tidal Wave: They spied on us. We have a right to self-defense.Tidal Wave (Caption): We've built a world where our energy comes from winds and currents...where our defenses are sharks, whirlpools, waterspouts, and tsunamis---where we give the world's unwanted--new lives.

Mindmistress: You've discovered new drugs...forcing new ethical decisions--you rob the spies' humanity---saying you can reverse it--but practically---why would you?  What of---crimianls? Dissidents?  Political enemies?Mindmistress: I didn't aid you so you'd recreate society's errors---underwater.  I hoped you'd create a new, better society. Tidal Wave: But... Mindmistress: This mind-suppression drug...Goebbels...Stalin...Torquemada...would've loved it.




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