Okay, that's enough. A hydrogen bomb? A H-bomb?? I surrender. I'm not worth it. T.M.: What? But, Dad--- Shore: Stay out of this, T.M. Put your rifle down. It's over.Shore: Look, MM, I appreciate all you've done---but tsunamis? H-bombs?  I wish I could've seen my wife one last time...but I can take--captivity.

Tidal Wave: Now there's a sensible view--- Mindmistress: Will you sacrifice your mind, Shore?  You remember how other agents were strapped down, snarling-- Tidal Wave: would you ratehr we executed them, like surface nations?Shore: You kidding?  You effectively robbed your captives of everyting that made them....human.  Mindmistress: Agreed. They might as well be dead.  Tidal Wave: Except the 'death' can be reversed---with Sea-Change's drugs.




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