Tidal Wave: Wow!  Nie leap.  Mindmistress: Y'know, Steed, I hate being underestimated. Lied to. Treated as if I were a...simpleton.  Unfathomable: Madame, I have studied everything known about you--'simpleton'? Never.Mindmistress: Give me that!! Tidal Wave: Ow!! Unfathomable: Madame---I implore you to be careful.  If you set off an earthquake by accident--thousands could die---needlessly. Mindmistress: Hardly.

Mindmistress: There! Good replica, by the way.  But no pretending it's fooling anyone.  Unfathomable: You knew it was a fake because you took it...?  Mindmistress: No...but I...lent someone the means to.Unfathomable: Well, we 'borrowed' from the U.S. military...the h-bomb lost off Tybee Island--Mindmistress: --Off Wassaw Sound, Feb. 5, 1958.  A F-86 and a B-47 collided.  Tidal Wave: That's...really annoying.




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