Mindmistress:  I think I'll let those sharks scatter the remaining 'Adapted'--and get out whilethe going's good.  Suit: codeword: Geb.  Well, I couldn't let her become shark chow...Mindmistress: Now to get my... staff... uh-oh. Now what? Well, I wish I could say it's a pleasure to see you again...but under the circumstances--

Tidal Wave: Mindmistress.  Mindmistress: Tidal Wave...tired of having others fight for you?  With Unfathomable---Omar Salem---I see.  Unfathomable: My pleasure, Madam. Tidal Wave: AFter all this---a futile escape attempt--we're back where we started.Tidal Wave: Turn over Shore---now, without condition---or I drown the Southeastern U.S. in a tsunami. Decide.




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