Shore: Well, that's something you don't see every day...  T.M.: That shark didn't look like he jumped out of the water--- more like he was-- Shore: Punched. T.M.: Punched?? Shore: That's my guess.Sharktooth: Excellent! You've taken care of one---using all your strength--now you only have to take care of eleven more! Mindmistress: *Hunh* *Wheeze* *Hunh* Au contraire, Sharktooth--

Mindmistress: -- I only have to dodge your sharks-- Sharktooth: Get her, benchley!! Wow. So fast...Mindmistress: ---And take out you--since you're contorling the sharks.  Without your control, your sharks are dangerous--but uncoordinated.  Dangerous to you water-breathers, also... Sharktooth: Ungh!!




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