T.M. (Caption): Dad? Shore: Yeah, T.M.? T.M.: She's been uner an awfully long time---should we--? Netman: Ungh!! T.M.: Uhhh, nevermind.  Shore: I think she's got it under control.  Don't sweat it.Netman: Unfathomable: We're under attack!  Unfathomable: Mindmistress? Unfathomable: Yes. Her armor's adapted to undersea work.  She has a breathing apparatus-- Unfathomable: Hold on. Help is on its way--we're coming also.

Netman: Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.  She threw that staff ashore--- Sharktooth: Hey, you're really good at beating up unarmed guys with your armor--for a brainiac, you're really good with mindless violence--Sharktooth: Did Shore mentionme?  I'm Sharktooth.  I have a dozen sharks' pleasure centers under my direct control.  Trouncing normal men in that exoskeletal suit seems easy---try a shark.




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