Mindmistress: Let me go or--- Netman1: Oh, yeah, that'd be smart--- considering we've almost dragged you under! Netman2: I didn't really think this would work--- I underestimated Unfathomable!Mindmistress: It. Isn't. That. Easy! Netman1: Unghh!! Netman2: Quick! Now that she's lost her footing, drag her all the way under!  Mindmistress: Suit: command Amphitrite!

Netman: Good. You can pull those nets off---they're not needed anymore. In a minute or two, she'll black out--and then we'll---what?  Uh oh.Mindmistress: Did you think I wouldn't learn from my first encounter with Tidal Wave?  Netman: Uhhh... Mindmistress: Now, about you being 'in your element' and me being out of mine...




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