Mindmistress: Ungh!! Netman: She's strong---but we outweigh her--but once in the water--we have the advantage!  Anthony: Excellent. Excellent. My father, Unfathomable, thought we'd catch her with a simple trick--Anthony: Anthony Salem as you--identified.  How'd you know?  Mindmistress:  Your family appeared in Cairo's Al-Ahram, June 1, 2003.  Let. Me. Go!  Anthony: No chance. You're mine.

Anthony: My father and I planned too long--we knew sooner or later we'd have to challenge you--outsmart even you--we'll drag you down to our element---and then--Anthony: Oh.  Shore: Aw, shuddup!  Geez, if I were wearing a bright orange scuba suit, I wouldn't stick myself so far out of the water---making myself a perfect target---real bright.

Shore: Got him! T.M.: Good shot, Dad. He was talkin' too much.  Now that we've taken out their leader, how about those netmen?  Shore: Hard to hit-- they're now mostly underwater.




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