Anthony: Release the nets! Mindmistress: you're going to try to drag me into the sea--by nets? Netman: --Made of a special steel-and-wire-mesh--not easily broken---even by you.Netmen: Pull! Pull!!! Mindmistress: *Ungh*! Slipping.... T.M.: Are they crazy?  Tryin' to drag her into the sea... Shore: Actually, pretty shrewd.  No matter how strong she is...they weigh more than she does...

Shore (Caption): A lot of times she can use her amorized strength to dig into the ground and anchor herself---but this is a beach.  She can't anchor herself---in sand.Netman1: Ulllp!  Netman2: Gyahh!! Mindmistress: Unh! I'm not an easy catch---right? Shore (Caption): --Of course---that doesn't mean--those holding the other end of the nets---don't do it at their own risk!




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