Overpowered by enough people moving at normal speed---don your masks--your polarized lenses should protect you from her hypnotic tricks.  Mindmistress: Anthony Salem, I presume...? Anthony: Focer her towards the sea! Tackler: Got her, sir!! Mindmistress: Y'think? Hold on... Shore (Caption): While they're tackling Mindmistress...it's time to make my move.  I take off the illusion-watch---made useless y those special masks.

Shore: T.M., grab arifle! T.M. What kind of bullets--?  Shore: Tranq dart--of a special serum--c'mon, let's drop some of these guys--- Shore: What about Mindmistress? Shore: You're kidding, right?Shore (Caption): Believe me---she can take care of herself. Karnes: Gyahh!! Rook: Unghh!! Mindmistress: Scott Karnes and Guiseppe Rook---international soccer stars---appeared together on page 9 of La Monde on June 8, 2002.




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