Mindmistress: T.M., stay behind me!! Don't move--- T.M.: Yes, ma'am! Shore (Caption): Man-o-man, am I glad to see her! Anthony Salem: Fire! It's going to be two-for-one...Mindmistress--and Shore's son---mindless!

Mindmistress: In your dreams. Shore (Caption): Well, well. Looks lke somebodydidn't do their homework.  She's untouchable.  I wonder how much the military would pay for her velocity-redirection field.Gunman1: I'm hit!  Mindmistress: Shoot at me--and chances are---you'll be the target! Gunman2: Rrrrawwrr! Anthony Salem: She's right.  Change in tactics. Remember your briefings-- fast projectiles are useless---but she can still be ---overpowered!




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