Shore (Caption): Where did those snipers ide, on a bare beach? In the mounds of seaweed the surf had left.  Sounds ludicrous---the Seaweed Snper Sqad---but oh so effective.Shore (Caption): They look like Swamp Thing wannabes...but have my son in their nightsight scopes. Their guns shoot drug-darts, not bullets. T.M. will be alive---but mindless, bestial.

Shore (Caption): Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Not T.M.--myself. I didn't tell him not to search for me.  The 'team' gave me a Wild Tuckey bottle to get blitzed with.  ---Ignored me.Shore (Caption): I poured it on the sand. 'Sleeping', I watched them hide. Now they're aiming at my only son. I'll have to give up our only advantage-- reveal myself--




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