Mindmistress: Still, he remembers the direction he came from when he was destroyed. We'll calculate an arc of probable destinations--oh, and Vicki? Vicki: Yes, boss? Mindmistress: Tell Lorelei--she'll always---return.T.M.: Mom--I'm restless. I'm gonna park the car, then walk the beach.  Penny: Okay.  I'm bushed.  I hate funeral parlors.  See you in the morning. I'm going to bed.

Weird. No one's on the beach...usually some are sleepin' on the surf...I supposed they slept in Steed's home in shifts...no sign of Da--that old drifter---either.T.M.: Hey...wait a sec...those red lights--targeting sights---ohhh, boy. Uhhhh...help?  Shore (Caption): T.M. didn't know I was hidden---faking a drunken stupor--wondering how to save my only son.




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