Lorelei: Magilla? Magilla! What happened t'you? The only who can repair you is--- her. But if I change---I could die, like Cleo did---if she don't change---back.Lorelei: I don't trust her, Magilla. If she ever found a way to stay---her---forever--I'd be gone---never t'return.  But---robot or not---I miss you, too.

I--I guess I'll chance it. She's always changed back---before. I'm so scared--but she doesn't want to die either--and---it's the only way to get you back.Vicki: What's the verdict?  Mindmistress: MAgilla's personality's recoverable--but some of his recent memories are gone. Vicki: Like?  Mindmistress: Like what he did with TIdal Wave's scepter. *Sigh* It would be.




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