T.M. Dad! Dad! I've got the scepter! Shore: Great! here. Tidal Wave: Stolen. From. Me. Mindmistress: You found it on the ocean floor. Your ownership is...questionable. Negotiable.Tidal Wave: Negotiate--?  Shore: Hey, it's not like the NSA didn't already know you Drowntowners existed---we just know more now.  Mindmistress: He's right, Steed. You've never been a separate society--- Tidal Wave: Oh. Really.

Mindmistress: It's true. Your society is---excuse the pun---a subculture.  Your citizens can return to land at any time.  Many do. You do.  Tidal Wave: Granted.  But we're not going public--- yet.Shore: Wait a second. Negotiation is a two-way street.  First condition:  those agents have to be returned to their right minds.  Tidal Wave: --And tell all they know? Shore: MM? Mindmistress: On it.




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