Sea-Change: This will restore their cognitive functions--- Mindmistress: Fine---then I'll comple them so they can't talk, write or communicate with anyone else--about where they've been. Sea.-Change. Huh. Big difference. Mindmistress: Actually--yes.Shore: Mindmistress compleled thespies where they can't talk...unless they feel you're a direct, immediate threat to their nation. Tidal Wave; Yet you copmlain about our mind-meddling... Shore: Meddling? No. Suppression.

Shore: I think I can keep your 'subculture' a secret-- if we can take back the H-Bomb as a gesture of good faith.  Tidal Wave: Sure. If---I can have the scepter.Shore: Agreed. Remember... how a society treats helpless prisoners---whether it's beheading reporters because of their religion---or betraying its own ideals, at Abu Gharib or Gitmo--shows a lot.




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