Editor (Caption): While I was protesting my innocence, I could still sense Mindmistress' astral self being pulled irresistibly across the astral plane... Mindmistress: Pretty colors.  Getting a little boring, though...what's pulling me...?Mindmistress: I'm slowing donw...and are those people up ahead?  Editor (Caption): Both of us were completely out of our element: she adrift in a mystal state...I, trying to prove my innocence.

Woman:  Heyyy.  Welcome, to the Magi-Net... Mindmistress: The what--?  Woman: Is that some kind of...ritual costume?  Mindmistress:  Maybe. What's the...?  Man: Magi-net?  A common mystical plane where mystics astrally meet, exchange ideas, share insights...Mindmistress: A sorcerous Second Life...?  Being magically-challenged, that lets me out... Jack: No magical talent--? Than how'd you get here?  Mindmistress: I'm just very, very smart... Jack: Modest, too... Mindmistress: ...Yet did something very, very dumb.



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