So this is the greatest gathering of quote-sorcerers-unquote..? Somehow it pulled me... Woman:  It pulled all of us... Helen: Lorelei? I'm surprised to see you here...Mindmistress: Helen Zion!!?? But you've been...dead..for years!! Helen: saw me last week.  Mindmistress: What??  Wait.  What year is this..?  Helen: 2002.  Mindmistress: You see me as...Lorelei?   Helen: Aren't you?  Mindmistress: Wellll...

Vicki: Okay, 'editor'--what happened to the boss??  She's in a coma-- Editor: My magicks accidentally separated her spirit from her body--her spirit travelled years back to a huge astral gathering--Editor: I might be able to help her--but weakened--I need the Merlin Mechanism!  Robot: Mistress Vicki--?  Vicki: This decision's above my pay grade--but it's the only game in town.



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