Helen: Lorelei--in my occult bookstore--you weren't interested in mystical--- Mindmistress: Untrue.  I looked for magic wands and fairy godmothers.  Helen: Lorelei--is your astral form--?  Mindmistress: Normal?  No.  I'm anything but.Helen:  Ah.  Here's my brother.  Mindmistress: Frederick. Frederick: Have...we met? I'd remember someone--armored--like you.  Helen: Armored? Mindmistress: Ah.  Helen, having met me, sees my--spirit?---as she remembers me--you see me--afresh. Frederick: Ah.

Actually some see everyone--skyclad.  Naked.  If they usually conjure nude--- Mindmistress: Eewww.  Helen...I was drawn by the Magi-Net... which means...there's nothing as powerful in my time.Vicki: You're saying the boss is--trapped?  Editor: Yes.  An astral -- net.  The mechanism's strengthening me-- these tiny robots--holding her hairlock--merging--will help... Vicki: But?  Editor: It's....still...not...*ungh*...enough.



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