Mindmistress: Frederick...this 'magi-net' attracts astral bodies...it'll be the largest such gathering for years to come!  Zion: How do you know--?  Mindmistress: Nevermind.  Have you found the Merlin Mechanism yet?  Zio: What?? Yes...Mindmistress: You must return to 'reality'---activate the mechanism--- Zion: Why?  Mindmistress: If it's the largest astral assembly...something horrible's going to happen to all the 'fish' in this...net.  Zion: Otheriwse it'd grow...larger.

Zion: Unh!   Strange woman...how'd she know the future...? But she knew of the mechanism, which I found just last week...and if she's right...Helen..entranced..is in terrible danger.Editor: Ahhh. Excellent. Vicki:  What?  Editor:  Someone turned on the Mechanism in the time Mindmistress's trapped in.  It's like...completing a circuit.  Vicki: Can you bring her back? Editor: Chances are much improved, anyway.



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