Mindmistress: Helen, you need to return to your body, too...you must-- Helen: Return?  I'm not going back.  I've finally found magic-- real magic --and I'm not giving it up.Helen: For years I knew--felt--things beyond our ken.  I Ching--hororscopes--tarot cards--they predicted the future.  Really.  Time and again.  Others laughed--called me gullible.  Foolish.

Helen: At that pathetic store--I'd sell crystals--love charms--knowing there were real miracles--but instead pushing junk--because they were blind to the truth.  Customer: This'll improve my love life--?  Helen: Oh, absolutely.Helen: Go back? To the mockers?  Teh scoffers?  The blind?  Mindmistress: I suppose you wouldn't believe me--if I told you you'll die if you stay?  Helen:  Quite frankly, Lorelei...no.



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