Zion: Hand crank to start. Such an odd combination of the occult...and the ornately old-fashioned.  Jules Verne crossed with...Aleister Crowley.   I'm still learning about this...marvellous mechanism.Zion: Like my sister, I always felt an...affinity...with the occult.  As a graduate student, I conducted experiments on ESP with Rhine cards.

Zion: I started doing research.  Saint Joseph of Copertino, who flew--without a plane--win front of hundreds.  Daniel Douglas Home--who was witnessed levitating repeatedly.  Miracles. Magick. Historial facts.Zion (Caption): Imagine my surprise--finding in the attic of my aunt's estate...my great-grandfather's legacy...a missing piece of occult history.  A machine to harness occult energy...like a generator produces electricity.



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