Editor: --And as Frederick activates the Merlin Mechanism in his own time--ah!  He slumps unconscious!  Vicki: The two mini-mmbots are merging...holding that lock of the Boss' hair... Editor: Excellent.Editor: The law of contagion--of similarity--working to bring Mindmistress' selves...together.  ...Bolstered by the Mechanism's unique...properties.  I'm wounded--weak---but with the Mechanism's help I can weave...magick.

Vicki: Just bring the Boss back, or... Editor: No need for threats.  I'm all too aware--of what'll happen to me...if I don't succeed.  Federick's astral self rejoins the others--Vicki: Wasn't the Smiling Man negotiating to become your ally before your defeat?  Editor: The so-called 'Crossoverlord'?  Yes.  He would have made a superb ally.  What happened to him?  Vicki: That's a loooong story...



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