Mindmistress: Oh!! Vicki: Boss!  You're all right!  Mindmistress: Wow.  You never know how much you can miss  your body--until you leave it for a while.  By the way--quote--magic sucks!  --Unquote.Mindmistress: Um. Okay.  You...saved...me?  Editor: Enlightened self-interest, I assure you.   I'm too weak to resist your robots--under your Vicki's direction.  ---Besides--persauding Frederick Zion to activate the Mechanism--

Editor: --You really saved yourself--I wasn't strong enough to bring you back without it.  This mechanism is a power--most potent.   Mindmistress: Admit it.  You came for the...mechanism.  Editor:  True...Editor: But---I fear--it's not--enough-- Vicki: Editor?? Mindmistress: Great.  If I help him, I endanger the multiverse...alive, he'll always be a threat to...everyone...everywhere.  But...



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