Robot: Sub-reality secured. Mindmistress: Incarerating my worst...nightmare.  This won't be some pleasure cruise...for either of us.  The Merlin Mechanism's speeding his healing...his wound's closing...Scale deserves to know... Scale: Mindmistress!  Good to hear from you... Mindmistress: No, it's not.  I wanted you to know about a now-permanent resident in my pocket dimension? Scale: Oh? Who's that? Mindmistress: See for yourself.

Scale: Holy hell, he's alive?!? Midmistress:  Yes.  Scale: What is he...wait, what's he doing there?  Mindmistress: Healing, I'd assume.  Adapting my medical gear to his...unique...gene structure's been...interesting.Mindmistress: So far, anyway.  We've got a long way to go, still.  Scale: And you're healing him...why? Mindmistress: Think about it, Scale.  He has a direct link to one of you...'creators'...



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